Smithville-DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce
301 North Public Square ~ PO Box 64 ~ Smithville, Tennessee 37166 ~ 615.597.4163(p) ~ 597.4164(f)
The Smithville-DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce leads the partnership between a strong commerce and a thriving community to promote the growth and involvement of our members in economic development, education, recreation and culture, and safety and respect for the beautiful county in which we live and work.
Membership Enrollment Form
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Smithville-DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce
Membership Investment Schedule
Board of Education (all employees) $ 160.00
(Schools, Colleges)
Community Improvement Clubs, Churches, Civic & Service Organizations $ 100.00
City of Alexandria Suggested Annual Contribution $500.00
City of Dowelltown Suggested Annual Contribution $100.00
City of Liberty Suggested Annual Contribution $200.00
City of Smithville Annual Contribution $5,000.00
DeKalb County Government Annual Contribution $10,000.00
Festivals and Major Events (Smithville Fiddlers’ Jamboree, DeKalb County Fair, etc.) $100.00
Financial Institutions (Banks, Credit Unions) $1,000.00
Health Care (Hospitals, Nursing Homes, 1 – 5 employees $135.00
Assisted Living, and Medical Offices) 6 – 25 employees $210.00
And 26 - 50 employees $260.00
Professional Services (Funeral Homes, CPAs, Attorneys, 51 – 75 employees $350.00
Insurance, Real Estate Firms) 76 - 99 employees $375.00
100 + employees $425.00
Honorary Members In-Kind Contributions
Hotels and Motels 1 – 50 rooms $135.00
51 - 100 rooms $260.00
Individual (non-business, government employees) $60.00
Individual Practitioners (i.e., used car dealers) $135.00
Individuals over 65 (new members) $25.00
Individuals over 65 (returning members-one year only) $15.00
Industrial Manufacturing 1 - 50 employees $260.00
51 - 100 employees $360.00
101 – 500 employees $460.00
501 – 1000 employees $750.00
1000 + employees $1250.00
Press and Media $200.00
Retail, Wholesale, Hospitality (Building Trades, Amusements,
Recreation, Restaurants, Cafes, Nurseries, Pharmacies, 1-10 employees $135.00
Gas and Service Stations, Auto Body Shops, Marinas, 11 - 50 employees $250.00
Center Hill Lake businesses, Satellite) 51 -100 employees $375.00
101 – 150 employees $450.00
151 + employees $600.00
Transportation (auto dealerships) 1 – 25 employees $350.00
Over 25 employees $450.00
Utilities (water, electric, gas, telephone, cable) Major Utilities $1100.00
(Customer base under 5,000) Small Utilities $500.00
Chamber of Commerce
As a member of the DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce you are entitled to…
As a chamber member, your company's name is frequently referred to other businesses and individuals who have a need for specific products or services.
You will have many occasions to meet and socialize with other business leaders when you participate in the chamber's many activities. These functions will keep you in touch with the business community and help you expand your client base. Chamber opportunities include:
 Business-After-Hours
 Annual Membership Banquet
 Business and Industry Seminars and Workshops
 Annual Prayer Breakfast
In addition to being listed in the Chamber's Membership guide and linked to our web site, you will also be mentioned in the Chamber Chat newspaper column, the Chamber Chat monthly radio program and aired monthly on myDTC3.
The Chamber, under the leadership of Jen Sherwood, directs the "LEADERSHIP DEKALB" program. It consists of nine sessions, an opening retreat, and a graduation ceremony and dinner.
The Chamber provides:
 Newcomer and Tourist Info Packs
 Industry Lists
 Demographics
 Traffic Counts
 County Maps
 Post Cards
 Center Hill Lake Information
 Web site
 Churches
 Schools
 Real Estate Agencies
 Recreational Opportunities
 Lodging, Marinas, & Campground Info
 Restaurants
 Jamboree information
 Nursery List
 Community & General Interest Information
 Local Calendar of Events
The Chamber will schedule and coordinate this special event for you and will invite our Board of Directors, mayors, county executive, and local media.
The Chamber is committed to assisting the community through organizing or participating in numerous programs and events, including the following:
 Christmas on the Square
 DeKalb County Fair - Alexandria
 Adult Leadership Program
 Chamber Prayer Breakfast
 Smithville Fiddlers' Jamboree & Crafts Festival
 Project Welcome Mat
 County Map Project
 Imagination Library
 Leadership Alumni
 Education Celebration
 Community Improvement Awards
 Beautification Programs
 DeKalb County Clean Up Campaign
 Chamber Milestone Awards
 Habitat for Humanity of DeKalb County
 Circus
 Golf Tournaments
 Off the Beaten Path Studio Tour
The Chamber of Commerce promotes DeKalb County as a great place to locate a business or industry. We are striving to improve the quality of life here and inform visitors and newcomers alike about the businesses in our county and to promote local residents to "Shop at Home."
The Chamber works with the county on the Three-Star re-certification efforts in order to attract more business and industries and to be eligible for more grant opportunities.
As a member you will be both welcomed and encouraged to get involved in a variety of committees and task forces. These include:
 Leadership DeKalb
 Christmas on the Square
 Annual Membership Meeting and Banquet
 DCHS “Choices” program
 Business-After-Hours
 DeKalb Clean-Up Campaign
The Chamber of Commerce gives its membership opportunities to be a part of the present and future success of our county. Regardless of how involved you become, you will receive unequaled opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Our community-minded goals are realistic, timely, and bold and promote a spirit of teamwork and enthusiasm. The opportunity to give back to DeKalb County is yours through the programs and committees of the Chamber of Commerce.